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After Independence, the present day National Cadet Corps formally came into existence on 15 July 1948 through XXXI Act of Parliament, thus creating the National Cadet Corps (NCC) in our country.

  • To Develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.
  • To Create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and always available for the service of the nation.
  • To Provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.
“Unity and Discipline”.
  • ‘Unity’ implies our basic oneness, the brotherhood of all the Indian people regardless of their caste, colour or creed.
  • ‘Discipline’ is the very bedrock on which any nation is founded. It is for these reasons this has been adopted as motto of the NCC.
  • The NCC is open to all regular students of Schools and Colleges on a voluntary basis. Boys/Girls studying in VIII and IX standards are admitted in Junior Division/Junior Wing. A cadet must have attained the age of 13 years on the day of enrolment.
  • Boys/Girls studying I/II/III year degree course are enrolled in Senior Division/Senior Wing. To join the senior division the candidate's age should be up to 24 while passing out.
  • The Cadets have been divided into the following categories:
    a) The NCC in College/Polytechnic/University level is known as ‘Company’.
    i) Senior Division - Boys (ii) Senior Wing - Girls
    b) The NCC in School level is known as ‘Troop’.
    i) Junior Division - Boys (ii) Junior Wing - Girls

In the year 2021 NCC Company No: 202/21 was allotted to our College for grooming the students as worthy citizens and future leaders of our Nation. Our company 202/21 is an Army Wing attached to 11(TN) BN NCC, Nagercoil was raised in the presence of Lt.Col.V.V.Prasad Administrative Officer of 11(TN) BN NCC. Its maximum allotted strength is 80 (3 years). At present it is functioning with 54 cadets and 1 ANO.


Our College conducts 35 parades per academic year, which include foot drill, weapon drill, map reading etc. as well as theory classes.


This is the place where each cadets groomed to know about, NCC, about the armed force life style in experience.

Volunteer Activities:

NCC cadets are encouraged in volunteer activities in various college events such as College Day, Sports Day, Graduation Day, etc.,


NCC cadets actively participate in celebrations like Independence Day, Republic day and International Yoga Day.

Social Service & Awareness Campaign:

NCC cadets actively participate in social service, awareness campaign inside the campus & the society.