Annual Report 2019

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Journal publication

Sl.No Name Dept Topic Name of the Journal
1 Dr.M.Shunmuga Priyan Mech Wear and corrosion performance of fe -B-cr alloy coating on en24 stainless steel by HVOF spray method Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry
Mr.Kowskhi &      Mrs. Ferlin ECE Image segmentation using sum pixel classification IJARBEST
2 Mr.Kowskhi &      Mrs. Ferlin ECE Change detection based on hybrid conditional random field model with application to SAR Image representation IJARBEST
3 Mr.Allwin CSE Detection of plaque in coronary artery in CMRI images and 3D visualization of blood Flow Multimedia tools and application – Springer Publication
4 Mrs.Shakeela Joy CSE Protecting password from hackers in smart card using ECC International Journal of Advanced Research Trends in Engineering and Technology
Enhanced Endorsement Scheme for Smart Card Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography International Journal of Advanced Research in Basic Engineering Sciences and Technology
5 Dr.Ranjitham MBA A study on consumer behaviour towards brand image and purchase intention with special reference to apparel industry International Journal of Marketing, Financial services & Management Research
A study on customers utilization of mobile phone services with special reference to Kanyakumari District International Journal of Advanced Research
A statistical study on customers loyalty of mobile phone services International Journal of research in Commerce & Management
6 Dr.Vijayakumar MBA Role of leaders for boosting morale of employees in IT sector with special reference to Techno Park, Tirvandrum International Journal of Management Research and Review
A study of employee commitment and relationship among employees and employer in an automobile Industry International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
7 Dr.Lawrence Mary S&H 1.Trends in acquisition and usage of electronic resources in Indian Institute of Technological Libraries

2. The Importance of archives in Society

Journal of Library Advancements
8 Mrs.A.R.Deepa S&H Classification of Brain Tumor by DEA-ANN with DTCWT Based Features and Mixture Model Based Brain MRI Segmentation Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Brain tumor classification using BAT-ANN with BWT Segmentation technique. 35th IRF International Conference
9 Dr.Lawrence Mary & Mr.Nandha Kumar Librarian Usasge of technical reports in LITES Library Journal of Library Advancements