Annual Report 2019

Parent, Teachers, Pupil


Advisory council

Institute Executive Committee

Institute Executive Committee (IEC)

With the view to run LITES on professional lines and to govern the institute through Institute Leaders, it is proposed to discuss every issue threadbare and understand the consequence before implementing the same. The following committee is formed for this purpose.

  1. Darwin                           Principal, Chairman
  2. Sahaya Beril                  General Manager, Vice Chairman
  3. Leema Rose                   HOD,DoVe ,Member
  4. Harihara Iyer                 Director,Green India Programme, member
  5. Lawrence Mary              Director,Information Service, Member
  6. David Raj                         Director,Water Resources, Member
  7. Ranjitham                        Director,Placement & Training, Member
  8. Shanthi                             VP, S&H, Member
  9. Amala Dhaya                   VP,Administration, Member
  10. D.Amutha                         HOD,MBA, Member
  11. Valentina                           HOD,EEE ,Member
  12. Neshtar                              HOD,Mech , Member
  13. Ferlin                                  HOD,ECE ,Member
  14. Amudha                             HOD,CSE & IT , Member
  15. Alwin                                 HOD, I &C Engineering, Member
  16. Packiaraj                           HOD,Core Engineering ,Member
  17. Nirmala                             Transport Incharge ,Member
  18. Karthiba Raja                   PED/Physical Education, Member
  19. Samson                              HOD,Civil Engineering,Member
  20. Sujana                                DCW/LH ,Member
  21. Shajin                                 DCW/GH, Member
  22. Nandakumar                    Librarian,Member
  23. Evangelin                          HR ,Member
  24. Elaya Perumal                  PR & H.K & E.M. Incharge ,Member
  25. Pricilla Coordinator        LACA  , Member
  26. Padma                               Administrative Officer,Secretary

This committee shall meet on every Saturday between 10.30 A.M & 1.00 P.M.. During the first 12 weeks of every semester. Rev.Fr.Dr.Joseph Xavier,SJ,Collaborator, Jesuits – LITES and the Chairman, LITES will be the Advisors. The Proceedings and the decisions may be recorded by the secretary. Once the minute, prepared by the secretary, reviewed by the Principal is approved by the Chairman, LITES the same shall be implemented without further delay. A copy of the approved minutes shall be available with Dept. Assistant for the information of Dept. staff for implementation.