Annual Report 2019

Parent, Teachers, Pupil


Advisory council

Infrastructure Maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance

LITES is now 8 years old. There is a natural decay of construction materials. A powerful team is required to maintain this college infrastructure from the decay. The following team is identified for regular maintenance and operation. They may allot the work for the people in writing. They may meet once in a week to review the functions of the staff and identify the area of the lapses with the view to have a good looking campus. They may introduce monitoring systems at various check points.

  1. Dhaya,Convener-Over all
  2. kaliraj- Civil related
  3. Christopher-Electrical & Electronic related
  4. Bosco-Mechanical
  5. Jesudhas(in his absence Mr.Perumal)-Housekeeping and Estate Management
  6. Santhosh- Computer related
  7. Vijaya Kumar(Hostel Mess)-All other general left out
  8. Selva Dhas-Water Supply related


The report on the defects and the rectification may be forwarded to the undersigned.