Annual Report 2019

Parent, Teachers, Pupil


Advisory council

E-Governance Committee

E-Governance Committee

To be in tune with the time and to comply with the direction of tamilnadu government on e-Governance, the following e-Governance committee is formed to collect the data synthesize and forward the same to the government through appropriate mechanisms.

  1. Principal(Institute profile,course,syllabi,exam) – Chairman
  2. Vino(Academic Performance and attendance) – Member
  3. Lalwin Bose(Placement) – Member
  4. Murugan(Staff details) – Member
  5. Nandakumar(Library) – Member
  6. A.Prabhu(Data Synthesize) – Member
  7. Padma(Admission and scholarship) – Secretary

In line with the direction Dr.Satheesh, Principal will chair the e-Governance committee meetings on regular basis and prepare the monthly report. Ms.Padma, Administrative Office, the Nodal Officer of LITES shall organize the regular meetings and help to prepare the monthly report and forward the same to the concerned officials of DOTE after getting cleared by the Chairman,LITES.