Annual Report 2019

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Advisory council

Campus Monitoring Committee

Campus Monitoring Committee

In recent years there has been rising trend of student clash, violence and unruly behaviour on and off the campuses and such unforeseen incidents have marred the image of the institutions. The department of Higher Education, Government of Tamilnadu has issued guidelines to control anti-social activities inside and outside the campuses of higher education Institutions in the state. In line, with the guidelines, Campus Monitoring Flying Squad is formed with the following members.

  1. Mr. H. Packiaraj,HOD I/C Mech. Engg.-Chief Security Officer-Convener
  2. Mr. Jerome, Asst. Prof. & RA Member
  3. Mr. A. Prabhu, Asst. Prof. –Member
  4. Mr. Shajin, Asst. Prof. & RA-Member
  5. Mr. Thanish, Asst. Prof.- Member
  6. Mr. Karthiba Raja, PED-Member
  7. Mr. Vinsilin, Lecturer- Member
  8. Mr.Santhosh, TRA & RA –Member
  9. Mr. Selvin, Dy. Chief Warden- GH-Member
  10. Ms.Arul Malar, DCW-LH-Member
  11. Ms. Jeeva, Lecturer- Member
  12. Mr.Vino Rajan- Student-Member
  13. Mr.Margret Ruban-Student Member
  14. Mrs.Rajesrsh,Student- Member

Terms of Reference

  • To monitor the movements of our students(Day scholar and hostellers) in the Campus
  • To Identify and fix the security lapses in the campus boundary
  • To monitor the interaction between day scholar and hostellers during lunch time and Interval times
  • To form a campus Intelligence Team consisting of students and staff.
  • To prepare a check list/schedule for daily monitoring and campus governance
  • The main concentration is towards campus security/maintenance and to identify the lapses in daily activities.

Mr.H.Packiaraj, in his capacity as chief security officer and convener of this squad report to vice-principal(ADMIN) in turn shall report to director,student affairs/principal at 8.30 P.M daily.