Annual Report 2019

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Bio-Medical Research Center

Bio-Medical Research Center (BMRC)

LITES has completed 8 years now.Basic infrastructure is built and Under Graduate courses are conducted on routine basis without any hindrance. Now, is the time to develop Innovative Products in LITES, under BMRC

The research wing of LITES has a Bio-Medical Research Center (BMRC), working on bio-medical projects. Bio-medical devices like Continuous Temperature Monitor, Nerve Stimulator and few other related products had been developed by this centre. LITES would like to get associated with the International Centre for Nano Bio-Technology (ICN) to accelerate the present work.

Accordingly, it is decided to establish a new Inter Disciplinary Division known as Bio Medical Innovative Product Development Division (BMIPD) under Bio-Medical Research Centre, led and guided by Prof. Balasingh as Director. Activities related to Nano Science, Robotics & Bio Medical Engineering will come under this Division. Initially Robotics Lab will be built in collaboration with MEPCO under the direct control of Bombay.

Cancer cells being nano size should be detected, measured and prevented from further growth or eliminated.This field of science is called Nano Surgery (removal of nano size cancer cells).Two schools of thought are existing.

• Fuse inert nano size gold particles into the existing cancer cell, thus preventing further growth of cancer cells.

• Burning the cancer cell through nano size laser beams.

Both methods need a thorough understanding and behavior of the nano size particles.Technology need to be developed to move these nano size particles to a desired location using nano robots.LITES being an infant institution, literature survey are extensively done by the dedicated young teachers.They are encouraged to participate in the seminars related to the development of nano robots and nano products