Annual Report 2019

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Advanced Aerospace System Laboratory

Advanced Aerospace System Laboratory(ASL)

The defense establishment, ASL is developing a solid motor with high area ratio nozzle and it is planning for a test facility to test the motor. This test facility is likely to cost around Rs.500 crores.Based on the expertise available in LITES, consultancy services were extended. 3 design packages worth around Rs.30 lakhs had been delivered. The construction of the facility is just about to start. LITES will be offering its expertise on the construction, installation and trial tests of this High Attitude Test Facility.

With the view to test scramjets, a large high capacity air storage facility is planned in another DRDL lab.One of our Professors who had exposure in building the Mahendragiri Test Facility is actively participating in the design, construction, installation, instrumentation and establishment of the Total Scramjet Facility for Indian Defense System