Annual Report 2019

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Advisory council

Academic Progress Monitoring Committee

Academic Progress Monitoring Committee

After assessing the academic progress of our students and the faculty’s contribution, it is decided to create a post as Advisor to the chairman.He will monitor the daily activities regarding the conduction, completion and valuation of morning Test 1, afternoon test 2 and assignment. He shall report to the chairman every day after completing the enclosed format.

To assist him from the individual departments, the following faculty are identified with the full and active support of the HOD, they will fill the format and update regarding the students/faculty performance in their department computer and they will help to fill one row of the format on daily basis.

Department                       Contact Person

  1. CSE & IT                         Mr. Jerin Jeyesh
  2. EEE                                  Ms.Diana
  3. ECE                                  Mr.Arul Rex
  4. I&C(II yr)                        MS.Parameshwari
  5. MEch ( II & III)             Mr.Nagalingam Pillai

The concerned contact faculty may interact with Mr.Jerome, the Advisor to Chairman on daily basis with the view to give complete information.

The CAs may kindly get the question papers from the subject teachers for the daily test which will contain:

  1. Questions to be answered by the students

2. Key for valuing these answer sheets

Detailed answer book(Like what is expected from the students ) written by the questions and answers before the actual tests.