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Placement and Training

Placement and Training


‘To be employed is to be at risk

To be employable is to be secure’

– Peter Hawkins

As per Peter Hawkins statement, the necessary employability skills are very much essential for getting right kind of placements. There is a huge gap between the employer’s expectations and the skill set prevailing among the young engineering graduates. Skill gaps are particularly severe in high order thinking, communication skills, soft skills and professional skills and so on. In the current scenario, corporate needs analytical thinking, flexible and proactive workers. They need creative problem solvers, smart workers and skilled enough to move with new technologies and with the ever-changing competitive environment. Communication skills and people skills should be the necessary skills of the modern workers.

The placement training department of Loyola is committed to meet the above expectations, as we understand the needs well. What we learn and how we teach are changing drastically, hence we carefully designed and well planned training system is to developing our students according to the developments in the industrial sector, both software and manufacturing, as we want to produce the world class engineers to the corporate and industry and in-turn create a developed country with highly potential human resources.


A full-fledged Training & Placement cell is with eminent and committed training and placement team from all respective departments to periodically plans and programs, aimed at placing students in various National and Multi-National Companies.

The Placement Committee consists of the Director, Training and Placement Officer and Placement Coordinates of various departments, which coordinates with student representatives, works as a team to prepare the students for the corporate expectations and to invite corporate sectors to conduct on campus and joint campus selection process at out college.

The LITES Placements comes under the Skill Development Centre. It is concerned about the professional placement of LITES graduates in their core areas.

The ultimate aim of the placement cell is to facilitate the students and the industries to expose each other, and allowing the students to identify the suitable job and allowing the companies to identify the suitable candidates for the jobs in their company.

It acquires the requirements of the industries and instructs the faculty to ensure the curriculum is followed as the industrial needs and trends. It organizes Campus Placement Programs, to make the students exposed to the industry.

This department works towards continuing knowledge and skill development of the students over the years. The department has good relationship with Industries across the country. From the beginning it has built up an impressive placement record over the years.

Many reputed companies have visited LITES for providing great opportunity for our students. In the upcoming years we aim to collaborate with many Fortune 500 companies to utilize the highly motivated powerful minds available in LITES.

  • To prepare the students to be industry ready in order to meet the corporate expectations through our various Needs based training programme.
  • To provide exposure to the students about the happenings with various Industries through our Institute- Industry Collaboration. This is to make them understand the dynamic industrial environment and to keep them updated technically.
  • To provide excellent placement support to our students by inviting renowned companies to the Campus to recruit them through our Campus Recruitment Program.
  • To establish an Entrepreneurship Development Center to transform the Job Seekers into Job-Givers.


  • Organize various need based training program from first year to final year students
  • Arrange various multinational certification programs to make the students to be specialized in their own technical areas.
  • Prepare the students towards competitive exams like Civil Services, TNPSC, UPSC and so on.
  • Conduct Quantitative Aptitude training in various Modules to build the numerical ability of the students from II Semester to VI Semester.
  • Arrange Industry Institute-Interaction Meet at various intervals in the campus.
  • Coordinate Industrial Visits and Guest Lectures for the students to get exposure to their respective industries.
  • Organize many campus and Off-campus Interviews to place our students in their core fields.
  • Invite various corporate sectors to explore the common areas of interest to sign MOUs
  • Organize the Alumni Meet and make them to interact with final year students.


To bridge the gap between the ever growing corporate needs and expectations from the students and employability skills among the engineering students, the college is taking lot of initiatives to build various skills that are needed for the students to improve their employability skills. Considering the fact in mind, we undertake various need based training & development programmes not only for soft skills and aptitude skills but we also give due importance for communication skills and technical skills development according to the latest trends and fast growing competitive world needs.

In order to develop the employability skills we conduct various certification courses and training program by the industry people.  These courses will boost the students to get into a suitable and desired career.  As the courses are conducted by industry people, the courses will act as a bridge between the Institution and the Industry.  The training partners we have are Mecton Training and Technical services (MTTS), TUV Rhineland, EC council, RIPE Institute, Vijayalakshmi InfoTech , CMC Ltd., CADD Center, SPMR technologies, Talent ease, TriO Technologies, Network systems etc.  As the courses are conducted by industry people, the courses will act as a bridge between the Institution and the Industry.

Spoken English Coaching:

Most of our students are from rural areas. They may find it difficult to understand the concepts and they are not able to communicate in English. In view of this, we give Spoken English training in the I year. After the assessment by the expert committee we have identified 232 out of 387 students in the I year students for this training. Sr. Leema Rose was coordinator for the programme with 10 trainers for the effective conduct of this training in our campus. This training helps most of the students to communicate well in English after the first semester.

JEE Coaching:

Joint Entrance Examination is a national level entrance test conducted for admission to Engineering, Architecture and other technological courses offered by various government, private and centrally funded institutions including the NITs and IITs.

We plan to train the +2 Students for Joint entrance Exam in forth coming years. To begin with we would like to train and motivate our first year BE students to write the JEE. There are sufficient students who got more than 1000 marks in their +2 Examinations who are undergoing this training at our campus. This is part of our skill development programme to perform better in GATE later. Our identified LITES Staff provides training to these students on Maths, Physics and Chemistry. At the end of the training, we will make the students to take the Entrance test. We will analyze their performance on the entrance exam and try to find the strength and weaknesses of the students and induce our students to appear for these kinds of competitive exams. Based on these experiments on our students, we will get an idea to train the students from 9th to 12th standard in future.

Civil Services Training:

With a view to prepare our interested students towards Central Services Examinations, we provide intensive coaching from first year to final year by experts from Various IAS Training Academies like, Manithaneyam IAS Academy, Sigaram Academy, St. Paul Academy etc. With this training the students are able to prepare for all kinds of competitive exams.

TNPSC Coaching:

Tamilnadu Public Service Commission is conducting various levels of exams to recruit the candidates for the government jobs.  We also provide this coaching to our interested students from first year to final year by expertise faculties in the area. Many of our students have registered and wrote these exams during their academic program itself. Thus they get experience to face the competitive exams.


Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Training:

Quantitative Aptitude I:

Aptitude plays a very major role in all kinds of competitive exams and also to clear their placement interview rounds. We provide this QA Training in the prescribed module to all our 387 first year students along with their academic program itself. The first 10 topics covered during the second semester of the first year are below:

  1. Numbers
  2. Simplifications
  3. Square root and cube root
  4. HCF & LCM
  5. Decimal fraction
  6. Problems on age
  7. Area & Volume
  8. Trigonometry
  9. Chain and Rule
  10. Partnership

Quantitative Aptitude II & III:

We provide this QA Training in the prescribed module to all our 329 second year students along with their academic program itself. The 10 topics are covered during the third semester and another10 topics covered during the fourth semester of the second year are given below:

III Semester                                                   IV Semester

  1. Pipes and Cistern Surds and Indics
  2. Percentage Calendar and Clock
  3. Profit and Loss Permutation & Combination
  4. Simple Interest & Compound Interest Probability
  5. Boats and Streams Heights and Distance
  6. Ratio and Proportions Allegation & Mixtures
  7. Problem on Train Data interpretation- Graphs
  8. Time and Distance Data interpretation- Tabulation
  9. Time and Work Odd man out & Series
  10. Average Races & Games

Quantitative Aptitude IV & V:

We also provide the QA Online Training to all our 230 third year students along with their academic program. During fifth semester, from a set of questions prepared from all the topics covered in the previous year’s students are asked to take test in online mode. The aim of this online training is to give exposure and practice to take up the competitive examinations. Minimum 10 online tests are conducted during this semester. New set of questions from derived from various competitive exam question papers like Civil services exams, GATE Exams, UPSC Exam papers, Bank exam papers etc. are compiled and the students are asked to take up this test during sixth semester.

Quantitative Aptitude VI:

The crash program will be given by experts from outside to train the final year students. We conducted this training for 5 Days by SPMR Technos, Salem on various topics of quantitative aptitude from 10th July to 14th July 2017. 285 students participated and benefited by this training. This crash program is mainly focusing on the final students to get placements in reputed companies.

Product Development:

It is the expectation of every final year student to develop a product during their final year project. During second year the students are exposed to some basic products like Mixie, TV, Printers, Generators, Diesel Engines, Petrol Engine, AC, Fridge, Fan etc. through which they learn the basic principles, functions, structure and components of these products.

During the third year the students are asked to choose a specific product to be developed as per the guidelines given by their guides. They buy the components relevance to their product; assemble them to develop a product. This will be tested in the industry during their internship in the relevant industries. Based on the learning in the industry, they try to modify the product further and they redesign the product to be more specific and useful.

During the final year, the same product will be redesigned and refined further to become a working model for their main projects. Through this training, the students are exposed to develop a product of their own. Thus we try to produce energetic, analytical and practical knowledgeable engineers at our campus.


NPTEL Coaching:

The IITs organize various online courses on topics relevant to each field. The IIT professors take classes through online and students are asked to write assignments based on their teachings. Finally students have to undergo an examination on the chosen topic and get IIT Certificate after their successful completion of the exams. There are around 100 students who got certificates through this training from our college.

Current Affairs:

Many as they enter the college (during I year) students may not have the habit of reading newspapers, or watching news channels.  There are many changes happening in the environment. The students may not be familiar with these changes or happenings. In order to make the students to be aware about these things, we conduct current affairs classes during the training period.

As a result of our continuous efforts and well planned trainings, the students are exposed to the new products coming in the market. This latest updation helps our students get good placements in various corporate.


Several industrial visits have been organized for the students to understand industry practices, skills demands, management practices industry expectations and market opportunities Such Industry – Institute Interaction has kept the faculty and students abreast with advances in technology and helped students meeting the competitive standards of the industry.

Given below is the list of corporate which have visited out college to recruit the best talented students of our institution.


(Logos of various recruiters will be displayed)

(We have MOUs with following companies)

  1. Myinception, Chennai
  2. Banyan Technology Solutions, Chennai
  3. Trio Autocad, Nagercoil
  4. Network systems, Nagercoil

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