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Electronics and Communication Engineering opens up great career prospects for the students. The students after completion of the degree can easily avail job opportunities in manufacturing industries and service organizations such as broadcasting, consulting, data communication, entertainment, research and development; and system support. The candidates can also work in modern multimedia service firms that are involved in real-time transfer of information through video conferencing and internet broadcasting.

The opportunities are galore for electronics and communication engineers as they are employed in variety of sectors such as Indian Telephone Industries, Civil Aviation, Development Centers in various States, Defense, NPL, A.I.R, Posts and Telegraph Department, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited, D.R.D.O, Telecommunication, Software Engineering/IT, Power sector, Hardware Manufacturing, Home Appliance and VLSI design, Television Industry and Research & Development.

Create an Educational environment in which students are prepared to meet the challenges of modern Industrial society by equipping them with:

To heighten self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.

Analytical and Practical skills

Analytical and Practical skills

Mission Statements

To be one of the leading electronics and Communication engineering department in the India and to be known for research, creation of knowledge base, education, industry interaction and entrepreneurial activity.

To provide opportunities for involvement in a wide range of sports.

To have an association with Internationally reputed Institutions for academic excellence and man power development.

To bid developmental International projects.

To increase the research activity in the state of the art fields specially in Medical El