Annual Report 2019

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DOVE Department

The Prime Mission of the Department is to proclaim God’s goodness through singing devotional songs, making the students to be strong in spiritual and in moral. Through counselling, spiritual guidance and empowering the students by giving values based education such as Honesty, Generosity, Loyalty, Integrity, Responsibility, Creativity, Accountability, and Trustability. The Department of DoVe has got 4 wings to work for it.



New members were added in the choir and motivated well to sing along with all under guidance of Mr.Francis Vincent the choir master. They are interested to sing in the Liturgical activities and in different occasions.The melodious songs were appreciated by all.They exhibited their talents in taking part in Holy Mass at Vadakku Rajavoor and Kottar Parish.



Students took active participations on Sundays Mass and in all the Liturgical activities. They are benefited by the valuable talk by Rev. Fathers and grow well spiritually.



More chances are given to 1st year students to take part in Master of Ceremonies. During the assembly, the “Thought for the Day” speech is replaced by a video presentation which makes great impact on the moral values of our students.It’s very good reception for such presentation.Different exposure camps were also organized by this department for the welfare of our students.



Our department plays a vital role in making all the celebrations and function in a colourful,meaningful,successful and enjoyable manner.Our students contribute well and get the appreciations from all. On the whole, all the students through all the events get the holistic growth in our college.



In addition, the services of a Priest is available for counseling our students specially,during late hours,To promote ethical vvalues,cultural programme with social themes and moral values are represented at various centers in and around the college.


Mentoring is a long term relationship where the focus is on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. The mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching, and support